You must have always heard that only one number can be run on a SIM card. Today we are going to tell you about such a great trick, so that you can use two phone numbers on the same SIM card. You don’t have to pay a single penny for that. Let’s know how this can be done.

If you are wondering how you can run two numbers on the same SIM card, then know in detail about this trick here. For this trick, you should have a smartphone and the phone should have internet access. Let us tell you that by downloading a smartphone app, you can run two numbers on your smartphone, using the same SIM card. Let’s know how..

Follow these steps.
This trick is especially for Android smartphone users. First, download an app called ‘Text Me: Second Phone Number’ from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. After this, sign-up to this app with the help of your Gmail account and create your account. After this, on the screen, select the ‘Numbers’ option among all the options at the bottom.

Choose your second number this way.
Now you can choose any number according to you but let me tell you that you will have to pay for these numbers. By paying money, you will be able to choose any number of different countries present here. When you install the app, you also get a free number from which you can make a call. At the top you’ll see credits. The more credits you have, you’ll be able to make as many calls. You can also buy these credits for free with money and you can also get them for free in videos or other ways.

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