Metasploit is mostly used exploitation framework. Metasploit Framework is set of open-source tools that is used for network enumeration, Vulnerability scanning, payload making, exploit etc.

Main Components

1. Auxiliary

It is a supporting module, such as scanner, fuzzes, crawlers etc.


It is used to encode the exploit and payload to bypass signature-based antivirus.

3. Payloads

Payloads is just a code which is run in target system.

4. Exploits

It provides access to the target system.

Metasploit Installation

  • $ apt update && apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git python python2 -y
  • $ pip install lolcat
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd Metasploit-termux
  • $ bash

In this tool you will get many features

If Any Error Watch this Video.

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