Ethical hacking is field in trend nowadays. It has now attracted many people and thus a considerable increase can be seen in the amount of competition. Even now a huge scope awaits in the Ethical hacking scenario. The Ethical hackers can be thought as people who are standing at the back gate and stopping the bad guys from entering. They scan and purposely hack the system to find any flaws in the network or mainframe of the computer. This is done to protect the companies personal and confidential files from other black hat hackers.

Here are some ethical hacking tips.

Now, hacking is a tuff thing and proper hackers need to know lots. But we here could provide you some simple steps to hack the facebook accounts without tuff and hard programming. Here are the Ethical hacking tips.

This is an interesting ways to hack the Facebook accounts:

These could be listed as the few steps to hack a facebook account:
Before hacking you should know that facebook has introduced a new method of password recovery using the feedback by 3 trusted freinds. But the hackers have reversed that logic into a way of hacking.

Let us discuss the Ethical hacking tips:

  1. Step 1: You need to have 3 fake facebook accounts. Then you need to add them to the friend list of the account you want to hack.
  2. Step 2: Now you need to go to the login of facebook and click on forgot password.
  3. Add your friends email address in the Email section. And then yours friends name and your name in the section below.
  4. Now if the above step is done correctly you could see the profile pic of the friend whose profile is going to be hacked.
  6. Then you can give a new Email address of your choice are which you have used with the Facebook account earlier. Then press submit.
  7. Once asked the security question if you know it, then well and good. Else give wrong answer 3 times. Then you will be asked for 3 trusted friends.
  8. Give the name of your created profiles. Ethical hacking Tips.
  9. Then log on to each profile carefully and check the notification. click on OK and authorize it.
  10. Once you have authorized it you can easily get access to the profile.

And now the mail will reach you and you have successfully hacked the facebook account of your friend.

This is considered to be a major loop hole in the security if facebook and needs to dealt with.

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