New Delhi. In today’s time, almost every one of our work is accomplished with the help of the internet. In such a situation, everyone’s smartphone has the facility of mobile data so that we can take advantage of the internet, but usually, everyone has limited mobile data. Today we are going to tell you about a trick that will enable you to connect your phone to free WiFi anywhere and use the internet. Let’s know how..

Facebook will get free WiFi
Social Media Platform offers Facebook i.e. free WiFi. You just have to follow a few steps for this and after that the free internet will reach you without any hassle. Facebook provides details of public WiFi hotspots, through which you can find free internet. You won’t need any other app to do this, and this feature is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Follow these easy steps.

To get free internet through Facebook, first open facebook’s official app on your phone, here you can click on the menu at the top, right and then go to the option of ‘Settings and Privacy’. Here you have to click on the option of ‘Find Wifi’ after which you will be provided with information about the public WiFi hotspots present around Facebook.

here you’ll find information both in the name and map of the place. if you don’t see a hotspot, you can click on ‘search again’. after that you can find the options by clicking on ‘sea more’. here you will find options for both paid and free hotspots.

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