Windscribe VPN:-

Without further ado, let’s just dive right in. The first VPN we are talking about is windscribe. A very minimalistic app that will provide servers in Philadelphia and it’s quite efficient and simple to use. As soon as you open the app you can choose a location like Philadelphia and you’re good to go. Winscribe uses military grade AES 256 bit.Encryption, which will ensure your Online Protection to serve privately on the Internet. Another cool feature to consider is the firewall. Which works by blocking all connectivity outside of the VPN tunnel to prevent any data leaks. And we also have the nickname Robert. Which is a premium feature that blocks trackers and ads and also reduces the risk of infection. Lastly, we also have double hop which is another cool feature that will allow you to route. Your traffic through two VPN locations instead of one. So you’re getting an app that it’s simple to use and will fully protect you. So make sure to access the link.

Private Internet Access(PIA) VPN:-

Next on this list is PIA or private Internet access. Which is a great VPN that will.Offer multiple US regions while being very effective at offering the necessary Online Protection.

This one also has a large start button that you can Click to connect automatically to a server.

That’s pretty much all you need to do to start protecting your privacy.

You can choose from 74 different countries with access to more than 15,000 servers.

Giving you all the freedom you need to browse privately with the location of your preference. At the same time you have no bandwidth limitations on your network . So you can stream restricted content from other countries and navigate or download from any website you need. All in all a super simple app that you can try out by accessing the link . 

Express VPN:-

Moving on we have express VPN.One of the top VPN services available which has thousands of servers and access to 94 different countries.

The user interface is strikingly simple with a big power button that will automatically connect you to a smart location or a location of your preference.

Express VPN has great coverage over many U S locations while providing the military grade encryption. To protect your privacy efficiently and also a split tunnelling feature. Which apps connect straight to the Internet and which ones use the VPN connection.

When it comes to choosing a location, the interface is easy to use with no fuss whatsoever. Just select your preferred location and you’re good to go. So if you’re interested in expressing VPN.Make sure to access the link

Nord VPN:-

Another great app on this list is NordVPN

which is a well known app that provides some of the fastest servers out there, including in the US regions. The interface comes with a unique design.

Presenting a map that you can explore by moving to certain regions and zooming in and out. From here on you can select a specific location. Or just connect instantly without any issues as not VPN features more than 5000 servers spread across 59 countries.

Which means the coverage is fairly high. In addition to the VPN service, there are other cool features such as double VPN to encrypt. Your connection twice for extra protection and cybersec technology that will block.Ads and websites known to host malware. All in all a great app that you should checkout by accessing the link

Cyberghost VPN:-

And lastly, another great VPN for US locations is cyberghost.

providing over 3700 locations and supporting up to 7 devices on one account.

The user interface is very similar to other VPNs with a big power button that allows the user to connect to the best server. Location in no time while offering 256 bit encryption for a safe journey on the Internet.

Cyberghost VPN is compatible with most Windows operating systems, so if you have for example Windows 7, Cyberghost will work like a charm.

Besides this, the app also features malware blocking functionality for further protection.In an ad blocker that will make for a distraction free trip whenever you want to surf on the Internet.

All in all, a simple app that is quite efficient. So make sure to try out Cyberghost VPN by accessing the link in the description below and that’s it.

These were five of the best VPNs with Philadelphia servers in 2022 and if you enjoy this video, make sure to hit the like

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