Month: May 2022

Basic information of Computer output or input

Characteristics of computers:Computers of all sizes have common characteristics – speed, arithmetical and logical operations, accuracy, reliability, storage, retrieving data and programs, automation, versatility, communications, diligence, feelings, consistency and precision. Computers are the foundation of business, travel, and leisure life today. Computers provide the processing speed required by all facets of society. The quick service …

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cyber odisha

Describe the threat landscape

Describe the threat landscape You’ve now learned about cyberattacks, cybercriminals, and cybersecurity. But you’ll also need to understand the means cybercriminals can use to carry out attacks and achieve their aims. To do this, you’ll learn about concepts like the threat landscape, attack vectors, security breaches, and more. What is the threat landscape? Whether an …

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cyber odisha

Describe what are applications

Describe what are applications Nowadays, many of us talk about applications even in our most casual conversations. But do we really know what an application is? To better understand how applications can become attack vectors for cybercriminals, we’ll first need to identify what they know about us. What is software? Software is a collection or set …

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How data moves around a network

Describe how data moves around a network A network exists when you have two or more devices that share data. As you saw in the previous unit, a network is composed of many different physical parts that work together to ensure your data gets to where it’s needed. This transmission of data across a network …

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